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January gymwear – how your new year can be sustainable and stylish!

Bridget Devine is back with a fresh start to the year, celebrating gymwear in all it’s glory.

With the post-Christmas turn of the year comes New Year’s resolutions, full stomachs and back-to-work blues. Nobody can quite believe it’s 2024 already. Nevertheless we look to the turn of the annum as a fresh start in all aspects of life. Maybe you want to work harder on your career, health or fitness.

Bridget Devine is a Fashion Journalism student in her first year at Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London, having completed a Fashion Design Foundation last year.

For many, New Year’s objectives include the joining of a gym or sports club that can improve physical and mental health, so in light of that I thought to look at gymwear this month so you can go to your first Pilates class or personal training session looking and feeling your best.

When it comes to gym wear you need five essentials – a trusty pair of shorts/leggings, sports t-shirt, hoodie, trainers and socks. I put emphasis on socks because the last thing you want are short trainer socks that slip down while you’re on the treadmill.

When it comes to silhouette and fit I always say, especially for gym clothes, choose pieces you are most comfy in, whether that is joggers instead of leggings or a sports bra instead of a singlet. Colour wise berry shades are really popular this season with Sweaty Betty and Alo Yoga featuring shades of dark berry pink in their new collections. Colour is much more popular in gym wear now than it used to be and I would recommend wearing colours such as bright yellow, raspberry pink, forest green and cobalt blue.

But as a rule we are avoiding all pastel tones and tie-dye prints, those were popular this time last year, and like it or not, they are being left behind as we head into 2024. Pastels were never a great choice for gym wear specifically as they are flattering on very few body shapes. I would always opt for a darker shade when it comes to figure hugging gym leggings and t-shirts as they suit everybody regardless of your body type.

In terms of where to get your gym wear there’s thousands of options, but few that are worth spending money on. Amidst the new year it’s worth not just re-evaluating our lifestyles but also our choices that affect others. Sustainability has been talked about for decades but still so many people shop fast fashion, don’t get me wrong I’m as guilty as the next person. However, just small choices made by everyone can make a huge difference, so if you can, why not buy gym wear that’s just as good for you as it is the environment?
Pangaia is a sportswear/loungewear brand, set up by tech investors with the aim of sustainable composition at the forefront of their design. That means plant based fabrics that are biodegradable, reducing man made waste for the planet. Other brands like Nike, Sweaty Betty and Gymshark all offer more environmentally friendly options. The main things to look for in composition and materials though, are recycled polyesters, organic cottons and non-toxic dyes.

With sustainability in mind, it’s only right to mention Patagonia, or as some may call, the grandparent of sustainable sportswear. Founded in the states in ‘73 Patagonia has always been conscious of the planet, from their first commitment to sustainability in 1983 to 98% of their product lines being made from recycled materials, they were and still are way ahead of many brands today. They offer mostly outdoor attire but have a great selection of t-shirts, leggings and hoodies that would be perfect to wear in the gym.

Any of the brands I have mentioned are strong contenders for both sustainability and style but remember to include a trending colour in your gym ‘fit’, at least one sustainable garment (or more) and of course a comfy jumper for after your workout. I wish anyone luck who might be joining a gym or starting their fitness journey this January, whatever it may be. As a last thought though, most will agree we need to start living more sustainably this year. So when considering your new year’s resolutions don’t just think about what you can do for yourself but what can you do for our people and our planet?

Below are some useful, good quality pieces in trending colourways I would personally recommend…



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