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Look forward to a summer of cycling!

Fashion journalism student Bridget Devine looks at the best of this years cycling fashion.

I don’t know about you but it seems this summer cycling is all the rage. Now the sun is shining it seems only right that the country lanes of the South East are transformed into a runway for bikes every weekend.

It’s difficult to drive anywhere without spying a road bike racing down the road or another car heavy laden with gravel bikes, off on a weekend cycling adventure.

I’m sure many of you are aware that the Giro D’Italia began at the beginning of May in Turin where some of the world’s most athletic cyclists complete the century old cycling tour. With the Tour de France around the corner, as well, it only seems fair that we take a deep dive into cycling gear and what to wear whether you are going for a stationary spin on your Peloton or a leisurely ride through the countryside.

Alike most sportswear, cycling jerseys were fabricated from wool at the start of the 20th century when cycling became a professional sport. Since then they have evolved into lurid-coloured, lightweight and slim fitted jerseys that offer peak performance and technicality. So where should you be shopping this season for the best cycling attire to gear you up for summer?

Rapha is a well regarded cycling-wear brand that is celebrating their 20th anniversary with the debut of their Pro Team Gazzetta Gilet. It is a printed cycling jersey that is a re-design of their 2008 original, featuring a pastel Italian newspaper print on the back.

The limited edition gilet references the Italian pink sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport that actually founded the Giro D’Italia tour in 1909, so now would be the perfect time to wear one of their iconic reworked gilets and bring a token of the Giro D’Italia to the English countryside.

With these printed pink jerseys in mind it’s safe to say that colour is an essential when it comes to cycling-wear, for practical reasons as much as following the trends.

A brand that focuses on producing jerseys in the most coveted, stand-out colours is Universal Colours. They are a newly established brand that put its roots in the cycling world right out of lockdown.

The London based designers look to ‘originality, durability and responsibility’ in their sportswear just as much as their conscious efforts to work with sustainable producers when it comes to sourcing materials. Their jerseys are priced on the higher end of the market but they come in a fantastic range of colours that would be a great investment for your summer sports wardrobe or as a gift for an avid biker.

The Chroma jersey comes in colours such as Berry Purple, Lime Green and Blue Java, all made from fine woven French nylon for peak performance.

Another brand that is worth noting is Giro, an American brand that produces the perfect jerseys and bib shorts for summer with moisture-wicking fabrics for even the hottest days all using recycled materials. They are a great option for more timeless pieces that will last long and be practical, from gloves to helmets when it comes to safety-wear.

Whatever you decide to opt for on the lanes and trails this season, make sure to include warm toned colours and bright prints wherever possible, even a new pair of cycling socks from United Colours would be the perfect addition to any bib shorts cycling outfit.
Here are a few suggestions of the kind of colours and pieces that are trending this summer…



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