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Winter swimwear – yes, we said winter swimwear!

Black is back this winter season with a rise in minimalist styles in the swimming world. By Bridget Devine.

It may seem controversial, however it’s surprising how many people end up digging through their wardrobes trying to find a swimsuit at Christmas time. Whether it’s for a friend’s winter hot tub party, a winter weekend spa getaway, or if you aren’t a fan of the cold weather, a Christmas trip to a sunny island in the southern hemisphere.

The winter sun may come with a chill but it’s certainly not bad for getting a tan! Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for all ages and is a gentle way to get your body moving. But you may be wondering what swimwear is trending this season?

This year swimwear is no different to high fashion – it’s all about minimalism. Prints and neons are in the past. Proven by recent red carpets such as the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, The Crown final season premiere and most likely the British Fashion Council Awards on the 4th December, the most dominant colour worn by attendees was, and will be, black.

From darker nights to the resurgence of ‘quiet luxury’, the phrase back to black seems rather apt. It is important to consider your bathing attire as much as your daywear because of the garment’s cyclical nature.

Think capsule wardrobes and styling options, if you get a timeless, well-made swimsuit it can be worn a thousand times. I’m sorry to say it but that luminous, geometric patterned Speedo from five years ago should have been retired to the wardrobe graveyard long ago.

With minimalism in mind, the classic shapes for a good swimsuit are essential, square and scoop necklines are always a safe bet, along with asymmetrical ones too. Asymmetry has seen a resurgence recently, specifically looking at necklines, they add interest and uniqueness without taking away from the main silhouette of a garment. If you are investing in a piece of swimwear, really consider the colourway. What colour works with your skin tone? Swimsuits bare a lot more skin than most garments so it’s really important to consider this when shopping.

As much as black is the colour of the season, if you have cool undertones or especially pale skin I would opt for a navy or dark green instead as black flatters warmer, darker skin tones. In the Christmas spirit, if you are opting for a red or green swimsuit, I would go for a darker shade or if you are going for a brighter colour make sure the silhouette isn’t overbearing.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get decent swimwear but the colour and shape you choose has a huge impact on how expensive it looks. That is also why you should stay away from logos, it’s a general rule of thumb in the world of fashion as logos look cheap and are pretty pointless, some may say. But specifically for swimwear, you don’t need Calvin Kelin or the Fendi monogram emblazoned on your chest to ‘be fashionable’ or ‘look good’.

Cover ups and sandals are a great way to switch up the vibe of a swimsuit. If you have an existing swimsuit that you love and feel good in then why not get a cover up that’s a bit more vibrant and ties into the colourway of your swimsuit. Sandals can also do this, if you want a more chic look go for some Celine leather sandals, or if you’re looking for a more casual but cool look make sure to grab a comfy pair of Birkenstocks.

Where you get your swimsuits is a tricky one, especially with high street stores like H&M or Zara which sometimes have well-made styles in stock but often this is not the case. I would recommend sports brands like Speedo, Adidas and Sweaty Betty as they have good swimsuits for more advanced swimmers, providing high performance and increased movement from the fabrics, specifically Sweaty Betty, they offer chlorine and UV resistant swimsuits which make them all the more a worthy investment. But if you are more of ‘dip in the pool’ or ‘chill in the tub’ kind of person then the best brands in terms of style, quality and price are Oysho, Gooseberry and brands found in department stores, like Everlane or Jade Swim.

Below are recommendations if you are splashing out on a new swimsuit this season, make sure to look at the rest that brands have on offer just in case a particular neckline or colour suits you better. But don’t forget to look out for classic colours, minimalist silhouettes and asymmetrical designs.

And whatever you are up to this winter, I hope you get the chance to relax and see loved ones. Happy Christmas!



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