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What is Pilates and what are its benefits?

Hi! We are life and business partners Mike and Mara, Pilates teachers based in Sevenoaks. We used to run a busy Pilates studio in Greenwich, London. After our son was born in 2018, we decided to relocate to Kent and focus more on our work with private clients.

How can we help?
We have been teaching Pilates for years and have come across all sorts of bodies, from athletes to new mums, from the elderly to gym goers. We believe Pilates is truly for everyone because it can be adapted to your own level of fitness.

Through Pilates you will be able to recognise wrong habits and correct them in time. This will enable you to move more efficiently and pain-free, which leads us to our mission and what we love about our job: whatever your age and physical ability, we want to help you move better.

We want to enable you to enjoy the activities that you like, whether that is your favourite sport, training for a competition, running, dog-walking, or playing with your children or grandchildren.

What is Pilates and what are its benefits?
Pilates is a body-conditioning method developed in the last century by Joseph Pilates. It builds strength from the inside out, working deep muscle groups through smooth and controlled movements (it was originally called “contrology” as in the ability to control movement).

Pilates increases core stability, flexibility, and joint range of movement, and it improves balance and posture offering relief from aches and pains. Pilates is also a great support during or after treating an injury.

Furthermore, as it re-educates the body and corrects wrong habits, it is an ideal form of exercise for injury prevention. Ultimately it enables you to move more efficiently.

Who can do Pilates?
Pilates is for everyone. The greatness of the method is that it can be adapted to suit personal needs, from rehabilitation to toning to getting generally fitter. Athletes and dancers do Pilates as a support for their specific training; older people do it to keep their body functional and efficient; pregnant women do it during and after pregnancy, to maintain strength and recover safely after birth. Pilates is also a great way for everyone to generally de-stress, revitalise, and re-energise the body.

We offer:
• Private sessions/ duets/ small private groups in Sevenoaks and surrounding towns, in your own home or garden, or our home.

• Private sessions / duets / groups of up to three people in a local studio equipped with the big Pilates machines (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel), which add the resistance of springs and ropes to the work.

• Online live private Pilates sessions via Zoom, which you can also share with friends and family. Available durations: 30 mins, 45 mins and 55 mins.

• Pilates retreats

What will a face-to-face session look like after lockdown? Is it safe?
Government guidelines currently require that we maintain social distancing. Whether you choose to have your session in the comfort of your own home or garden, at our home or local studio, we will not give you any tactile feedback and will maintain a two-metre distance from you.

If you come to the studio, we will tell you how to set up the equipment, so we will not touch it ourselves. All machines will also be thoroughly cleaned between clients.

Why online live classes are better than pre-recorded workouts?
You get human interaction. You get personal corrections and modifications when needed. You need to show up on time, which helps to build up a routine and stick to it.

If choosing 1:1s, you get a personalised programme tailored to your needs. If choosing a small group, we will make sure that we can see everyone and give corrections, so everyone can improve.

What do you need at home?
All you need at home is a mat, and if doing online sessions, a Wi-Fi connection and a tablet or laptop. We can then decide together whether you might benefit from the use of props like small balls, bands, weights, or even any of the big Pilates equipment.

• Feel free to contact us for a chat and ask any questions you might have via or on email at Alternatively you can call us on 07857 151434 (Mike) and 07552 472776 (Mara).



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