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Tom’s back on the road after weeks of complete agony

It does seem, that finally life is returning to a new normal. Hopefully we’re able to keep it that way and we don’t see a second spike and further restrictions put on us. For me, most of my races are big road events so there’s been little indication of any races on the horizon. There’s been a couple mentioned across Europe, but getting there might be tricky!

Since my last update I’ve had numerous injury problems that means I haven’t trained since the end of May.

Usually in a normal world I’d have physiotherapy each week, support from coach, physiologist, doctor, my team is huge. Without that and most importantly without the medical treatment after three months my body gave up coping. Neural problems and stiffness in my knees lead to being able to just move, complete agony.

Thankfully by the end of June I was able to see a couple of therapists and after a couple of weeks I was moving ok again. I’m only on day five back training at the time of writing, so the thought of racing is a long way off yet.

That being said, the British Athletics Championships have a new date, at the start of September. I will use this as a target to hopefully find some of my form from the spring. It’s been tough not being able to train. Even with no races, you constantly feel like you’re being left behind whilst your rivals are training hard. I have learned to appreciate when I’m fit and when I’m racing well, as those days won’t last forever. I’ve started to enjoy training just for being out in the fresh air keeping fit and healthy.

On top of that, this period is going to be tough for athletes as my diary has been reminding me of the various milestones that were due in preparation for the Olympics. Those moments of the trials, getting your Team GB kit, prep camps, flight confirmations will all come, we just have a slight delay!

We’ve been able to see my partners side of the family and I’m hoping to get down to Kent next in July or August to finally see my family for the first time since January. I hope you’ve been able to see friends and family recently, it’s made this month much easier.

Harry and I celebrated our 9th anniversary in June and have finally got some dates in the diary to visit some wedding venues. We celebrated with a steak night, movies and gifts.

I’ve been trying to master the new coffee machine Harry got me for my 30th and for our anniversary he got me some lovely mugs to go with it. Now I just need to learn the perfect flat white!

What’s been great about this lockdown time is that I’ve had more time at home this year than I’ve had for the last decade. I’ve loved the dog walks and being home with Harry for a long period. I’m sure he’s keen to get me out the house and back on training camps again for some peace and quiet!

Again it’s been short and sweet given so little has happened. I hoped this summer I’d be telling you all about my races (hopefully successes) and the anticipation for the Tokyo Olympics. Instead I’ve found myself gardening mostly!

Here are the various ways to get in touch. I’m always looking for sponsors, school/university or office visits. So please do get in touch at or on all social media platforms @tombosworth.



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