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This country’s summer of sport is really something to be proud of in 2023!

Steve Rowley, Publishing Editor of West Kent Sport & Wellbeing magazine and Founder of One Team Media Ltd. provides his comment on the UK’s summer of sport.

The year has been nothing short of extraordinary for sports enthusiasts so far. From the roaring crowds in football stadiums across the country to the electric atmosphere at the first Ashes test in Edgbaston, this year’s summer of sport is about to explode onto our TV screens. Let’s delve into the highlights of this spectacular season that will undoubtedly capture the nation’s hearts.

The Ashes Series (June 16th – July 31st)
The Ashes is one of the most anticipated events in the cricketing calendar, and the series between England and Australia, unfolded against the backdrop of an already scorching British summer. This historic rivalry reignited the passion for the sport as players battled for glory and supremacy. Fans were treated to captivating displays of skill and strategy, where legends were made and iconic moments etched into the annals of cricketing folklore. But who will get to take the Ashes home?

Wimbledon (July 3rd – 16th) 
Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world, once again will grace the pristine lawns of the All England Club. The pinnacle of the grass-court season, this iconic event will showcase the extraordinary talent and grace of the tennis elite. Spectators will witness intense battles, spectacular shots, and inspiring displays of sportsmanship. With passionate crowds and timeless traditions, Wimbledon will prove yet again why it holds a special place in the hearts of tennis aficionados worldwide.

British Athletics Championships (July 8th – 9th)
The British Athletics Championships has served as a stage for homegrown talent to shine, showcasing the depth and skill of the nation’s athletes. This annual event brought together track and field stars competing for national titles and qualification for international competitions. As athletes leap, sprint, and throw their way to glory, the championships embody the unwavering spirit of British athletics and fosters a sense of national pride.

British Grand Prix (July 9th)
Getting up to speed with everything you need to know about the 2023 British Grand Prix, which takes place over 52 laps of the Silverstone Circuit, can take time, but sitting down to watch the race will only take a few hours. Will we get a British winner this year? Lewis, George or Lando? We hope so but are not holding our breath! Even Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are getting involved.

Open Championship (July 20th – 23rd)
This year’s pinnacle of golf tournaments will take place at Royal Liverpool and it will be the 13th time in history that the course in Hoylake, Wirral, will play host to the Open Championship. The last time it was played at Royal Liverpool was 2014, and the winner? Well it was none other than Rory McIlroy.

The summer of sport in the UK really is a remarkable journey, filled with passion, resilience, and exceptional talent. Through moments of triumph and heartbreak, athletes will inspire generations and bring the nation together, reminding us of the unifying power of sports. Enjoy!



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