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The future of health and fitness

At a time when the NHS is under increasing strain on its resources and there are record waiting times to see your GP, it is now more important than ever to be proactive about your health and fitness. With ‘The Times’ reporting this December (13th) that, “Hundreds more middle-aged adults are dying a month since the Covid pandemic. What you may not know is that the majority of contributing risk factors go undetected until they are at a dangerous level and can be reduced if found early in under three months, with expert knowledge and guidance.

Since COVID the Better Body Group has invested heavily in its exercise medicine and preventive healthcare technologies and facilities. So how does this help you?

In conjunction with our healthcare partners and our onsite technology, we are now able to assess the main risk factors that would prevent you from living a long and healthy life and immediately act on the negative factors with the combined guidance of our associated GP’s, team of exercise specialists and dietitian under one roof.

This has been a natural progression for us as a company, in the early part of my career I was fortunate enough to work within the U.S. private medical system which has been integrating qualified exercise guidance into their preventative healthcare for at least the last 50 years. This structure meant that under the heading of ‘Wellness’ the higher end sectors of the U.S. fitness industry worked in close conjunction with health care to detect, prevent and improve possible risks to individuals’ health and wellness through appropriate and effective exercise and nutrition. Due to our early adoption of this U.S. structure, the level and multi disciplined nature of our graduate qualified team and our investment in our facilities we find ourselves perfectly placed to support our clients at a point when the health and fitness industry needs to provide a more complete level of service.

We have utilised our onsite sports science expertise and our close links to the Universities and their resources to ensure that your cardiovascular training is as effective as possible by measuring your VO2 (oxygen in and carbon dioxide out) in real time, resting metabolic rate and blood oxidation. These are measurements that make as significant difference to your health and should not be ignored, as Peter Attia the author of Outlive states,
“Simply bringing your VO2 max from low to below average is associated with a 50% reduction in all-cause mortality. When you go from low to above average this reduction is closer to 75%!”

Too often our cardiovascular health is sacrificed for strength training or random aerobic exercise where you train too hard to burn fat and not hard enough to improve real health and fitness. The key is to use the science available to measure your optimal rate of exercise for you to achieve the goals you want, otherwise you are going to be working twice as hard for less than half the results.

Before I get carried away with explaining how you can radically improve your results through accurately assessing how your body needs to exercise, there is one important factor that I have learnt throughout my 35 year career that trumps all. You need to be able to exercise to receive the benefits. This may seem obvious, however with the wear and tear of life, past injuries and very low levels of starting fitness many people get caught in the downward spiral of doing less and have a fear of starting exercise. Our exercise rehab department is one of our largest, and they specialise in being able to get you started back into exercise at a level that suits you regardless of your age, weight or medical condition.

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