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Sevenoaks Town Council are above the rest when it comes to a sports strategy!

In March I attended the second meeting of the Sevenoaks Town Sports Strategy (STSS) Working Group. The initiative was set up by members of Sevenoaks Town Council to get a better understanding of what sports groups and clubs are doing in the town and to help them with any assistance they can, to grow the clubs whilst keeping the public happy.

Sevenoaks Town Football Club are probably the most high profile case the town council has assisted. From a new 3G pitch installed through a previous round of grants from the now defunct Raley’s Gym fund, to assistance in obtaining extra funding for a new clubhouse on site at Greatness Park, Sevenoaks Town Council are really leading the way by giving clubs a helping hand, and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it!

And this really does go against the grain of most District, Borough and Parish councils in West Kent, who for some reason don’t see the importance of sport in their local community and the many volunteers that offer their time, and sometimes money, to get both junior and senior matches played across various different sports.

Take Tunbridge Wells Borough Council for instance. Their complete lack of strategy and transparency to help local clubs recently led to council buildings being closed at Hilbert Recreation Ground, which in turn put some 60 plus kids at a loss on a match day, as they couldn’t access vital equipment to get their games started. Now that really is shameful!
Sevenoaks ‘District’ Council will tell you that they have a sports strategy for the community, however this is not a strategy but mere ownership of three lesiure centres and a golf course. Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council aren’t much different either. The only strategy they seem to have, ahead of local elections in May, is to talk about tearing down the Angel Centre in Tonbridge and position it elsewhere outside of the town, so they can profit from building new housing next to the river.

At the recent STSS meeting it was great to see representatives from a variety of different sports clubs including Bowls, Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Swimming, and Tennis discussing their wants and needs for a healthy future in front of local councillors who were there to listen.

Ahead of the local elections in May we will be bringing you a detailed look at what your local councillors are planning for the future of your towns. If you have anything you would like to add to this feature then please contact me at before April 20th.



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