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Sevenoaks ladies winning streak comes to an end

After eight weeks; 24 points, 26 goals scored and only one goal against Sevenoaks finally ended their fantastic streak with a 2-1 loss at home to Hampstead and Westminster who now sit top of the table.

Oaks went down 1-0 with Hampstead scoring a penalty corner through ex GB international Emily Maguire. Oaks fought back and responded with their usual spirit and an open play goal got the huge crowd rallying behind the team in purple. This came after a wondrous ball was pelted out of the defence by New Zealander Kath van Woerkem which found Jess Denniff on the attacking 25. Jess proceeded to perform a pirouette round the defence and found Maddie Thompson who was able to direct the ball firmly into the backboard.

The second half dawned and both teams were battling it out with neither looking as though they were about to tire. Hampstead continued to receive a string of corners and Oaks won none in reply, the defensive unit did a sterling job to keep so many corners out from a team that have converted so many in their previous results. Sadly a corner too many was awarded and they got their second goal.

Never without a good idea, coach Jen Wilson took keeper Dulcie Davies off, leaving only her helmet behind the goal for Lily Elliot to pop a bib on and become the kicking back. The team fought on with attacking flair, coming so tantalisingly close to equalising on at least 5 occasions. A moment to remember was a cracking tackle from Katy Warrington on the half way line and the ball was immediately passed on to Florencia Zappulla, who passed it to the post. Katy dived after it and with a reverse deflection narrowly missed the post. Fortunately Oaks were awarded a couple of corners in the dying minutes of the game, but disappointingly nothing came of them.

Sadly the game was over and the drizzle kept on falling. Next week Sevenoaks have their final game before Christmas away at Barnes where they will be hoping to improve on their 2-0 victory earlier on in the season.



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