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Sevenoaks get ready for Hampstead with fine win over Southgate

The second game of the season saw Sevenoaks come away the victors with a 3-0 win over Southgate away at Snakes Lane. The game started frantically and with Hampstead & Westminster scouts spying in the crowd, Sevenoaks had a shaky start, letting the erratic Southgate side play and giving Kate Richardson-Walsh hope for her side’s chances next weekend.

Fortunately, Sevenoaks finally set the record straight and close to half time Claire Wallace found herself in the D, tricking all the Southgate defenders with some silky skills, and reverse struck the ball into the back of the goal from the left hand base line.

Half time was spent inside, the team catching a break from the driving rain and yelping Southgate team and supporters. Once warmed up the side in purple hit the ground running when the second half started. The momentum was briefly interrupted by the Southgate coach who wanted to change the ball, fortunately the resident ball snobs were on hand to iron out this bump in the road and play resumed.

The Southgate keeper had a sterling game and clearly has a bright future ahead of her, she kept out a lot of corners and open play goals when Sevenoaks hit their stride, much to her team’s credit. The second goal was a well worked corner routine between the two Nickis, which allowed Nicki Skrastin to find a way into the goal.

The final goal led to the Savills Magic Moment of the game by their own star employee Sophie Crosley, who made a devastating run down the right-hand side, tearing through the D and crossing the ball across the Southgate defensive line to let junior Julianna Nowaczek slam the bobbler into the back of the goal.

This weekend Sevenoaks face last year’s league winners Hampstead & Westminster at Holly Bush Lane in what will be an interesting game, both teams keen to stamp the other’s dreams of winning the league into dust. Oaks will be hoping to assert a strong hold on the game and prove why they should be eyeing up top spot in the league.



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