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Sevenoaks & District Football league announce new league constitution for 2022/23

The Sevenoaks & District Football League (S&DFL) has announced it’s constitution for the 2022/23 season and there are a few surprises as teams move somewhat freely between divisions post season with little to no explanation coming from the league themselves.

Southborough and Nomads were both relegated from the Premier Division with Blackham & Ashurst being demoted as well despite two team pulling out of the division mid-season. Penshurst Park and Leigh were given automatic promotion and Ide Hill 3rd have been handed a bit of luck by being boosted up the league after finishing third in Division One last year. Waterbury Wanderers complete the Premier Division after applying to the league as a new club.

Halls AFC 3rd and Horsmonden are promoted to Division One with Tunbridge Wells Foresters another new club to the league. Division Two see’s Swanley Oaks and Rusthall Development relegated from last season alongside Division Three promoted sides AFC Green Court, TJFC Seniors and Cudham United. AFC Orpington re-join the league after a few years in the wilderness.

In Division Three, new teams Cudham United Reserves and Tunbridge Wells Foresters Reserves join recently relegated Orpington Reserves and West Farleigh Reserves whilst Westerham Reserves are promoted after finishing second in Division Four last year.

FC Borough Green are the last new club to join the league this season and they will join Kings Hill Development and St Lawrence Reserves in Division Four after they were relegated from Division Three. Noticeably missing from this season’s constitution are the following club and or teams: Green St Green Rovers Reserves, Halls AFC 3rd, Kings Hill Reserves, Seal and Swanley.

The S&DFL and associated cups have been around for many years now, with plenty of football clubs coming and going, however with the free movement of clubs between divisions post season, we wonder if there is any point in teams or clubs going for promotion at all. They could simply raise a hand at the end of the year and say “we should be promoted not them”.

Points won on the pitch should stand at the end of the year, with teams being promoted and relegated against the pre-season rules. If a team is too good for a particular division, then let them climb the ladder accordingly, all new teams should start their S&DFL journey in the bottom division. We hope that the S&DFL address this issue when they plan their constitution for the 2023/24 season.

The new constitutions are below and provide an explanation of how the teams got there:

Premier Division

# Team2021/22 season
1FC RevoWon Premier Division title
2HawkenburyFinished 3rd in Premier Division
3Ide Hill 3rdBoosted from Division One (3rd place)
4LeighPromoted from Division One (2nd place)
5MalgoFinished 7th in Premier Division
6Penshurst ParkPromoted from Division One (winners)
7PottersFinished 2nd in Premier Division
8St LawrenceFinished 4th in Premier Division
9Wateringbury WanderersNew club to the league
10WesterhamFinished 6th in Premier Division

Division One

#Team2021/22 season
1Blackham & AshurstDemoted from Premier Division
2EynsfordFinished 6th in Division One
3Fleetdown United AFinished 7th in Division One
4HorsmondenPromoted from Division Two (2nd place)
5Halls AFC 3rdPromoted from Division Two (winners)
6Kemsing UnitedFinished 4th in Division One
7NomadsRelegated from Premier Division
8SouthboroughRelegated from Premier Division
9Tunbridge Wells ForestersNew club to the league
10Tunbridge Wells YouthFinished 5th in Division One

Division Two

#Team2021/22 season
1AFC Green CourtPromoted from Division Three (2nd place)
2AFC OrpingtonNew club to league
3Chipstead DevelopmentFinished 4th in Division Two
4Cudham UnitedBoosted from Division Three (3rd place)
5Green St Green ReservesFinished 3rd in Division Two
6IghthamFinished 7th in Division Two
7PemburyFinished 6th in Division Two
8RoselandsFinished 5th in Division Two
9Rusthall DevelopmentRelegated from Division One
10Swanley OaksRelegated from Division One
11TJFC SeniorsPromoted from Division Three (winners)
12West Kingsdown ReservesFinished 9th in Division Two

Division Three

#Team2021/22 season
1Borough GreenFinished 7th in Division Three
2Cudham United ReservesNew team to league
3Five Oak GreenFinished 6th in Division Three
4Kemsing United ReservesFinished 5th in Division Three
5Leigh ReservesFinished 8th in Division Three
6Orpington ReservesRelegated from Division Two
7Tunbridge Wells Foresters ReservesNew club to league
8Westerham ReservesPromoted from Division Four (2nd place)
9West Farleigh ReservesRelegated from Division Two
10WoodlandsFinished 4th in Division Three

Division Four

#Team2021/22 season
1Dartford Celtic ReservesFinished 4th in Division Four
2FC Borough GreenNew club to league
3Hawkenbury ReservesFinished 8th in Division Four
4Ide Hill 4thFinished 10th in Division Four
5Kings Hill DevelopmentRelegated from Division Three
6St Lawrence ReservesRelegated from Division Three
7Swanley RangersFinished 3rd in Division Four
8Tatsfield RoversFinished 6th in Division Four
9Weald WolvesFinished 7th in Division Four
10WilderparkFinished 11th in Division Four


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