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Max Denniff: rising star on the road to national hockey greatness

Please tell us about yourself…
My name is Max Denniff, I am 17 years old and I attend Whitgift School, Croydon where I am currently in the Upper Sixth Form.

When did you first get interested in sport?
I have always been interested in sport. Participating in football, cricket and hockey from when I was seven years old. I have played County Hockey, Rugby and Cricket. I broke a long standing long jump record when I was at my previous school, Sutton Valence, and am also a keen runner. I loved looking forward to sports days at Sevenoaks Prep school and enjoyed the many different events including high jump and hurdles.

Max Denniff playing at The Futures Cup in August

Do you have a particular highlight of playing sport or your proudest moment?
My favourite highlight was playing for England U16 at the Six Nations Tournament in Antwerp two years ago and being selected for my first Premier League Hockey match against Reading.

Have you had any serious injuries?
I have picked up a few injuries which has been quite frustrating including breaking a collar bone and a broken thumb.

Do you feel you’ve missed out on other things your friends might be doing?
No, I don’t think I have missed out. It has been my choice to take part in Hockey and I enjoy every moment and have made some great friends along the way.

How much time do you spend training and practicing?
I spend 14 hours a week training and playing.

Are there any foods you don’t enjoy that you force yourself to consume?
The food that I force myself to eat is soreen.

Are there any foods that you need to avoid?
Foods that I avoid eating, because they are high in fat and sit in your stomach, are bacon and sausages.

How difficult is it to control your diet?
Controlling my diet was hard to begin with but it has got easier over time.

What have you learned about team work?
Teamwork is so important to have the trust and support of your team mates.

Have your parents always been supportive of your sports activities?
Yes, it is so important to have their support and influence, without them I would not be where I am today. My mum spends many hours driving which I am very grateful for.

What words of advice or encouragement do you have to share with younger athletes?
Words of encouragement for younger players would be to train the same as you play and you will see the results/difference in your performance.

And finally, do you have a plan to help you fulfill your dreams?
I plan to continue my dedication to training and listen to the coaches in order to advance my game.



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