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Kemsing Cricket Club look forward to new challenge

Kemsing Cricket Club, with their lovely ground at the foot of the Downs, will be in the Kent County Village League, Division 3 this season. With three promotions in four seasons, they are on a bit of a roll and hope to be celebrating again soon!

They have been lucky in recent years, in that a number of good cricketers have moved into the village. Coupled with the youngsters maturing into decent adult players, the team has a good balance. However, it is still difficult to find a full XI some weeks, so there is no chance of complacency! With every village in the area having its own cricket club, it is not easy to find new players.

Kemsing’s Colts set up provides opportunities for local girls and boys to play cricket, some of whom will feed through into the adults. The ECB’s All Stars initiative, now in its third year, gets youngsters aged between 5 & 8 involved in the game early and Kemsing is one of the few clubs in the Sevenoaks area who are providing support for this. With numbers of participants increasing over the three years, it has real potential to boost playing numbers in the future.

Meanwhile, in the league team, skipper Grahame Wood and son, Jake, will be hoping to continue their enviable opening partnership, which yields so many runs and sets a vital platform for the rest of the team to play freely in the latter part of the innings.

With the formidable batting talents of James Walkling, Damien Saville, Martin Green and Ian Wise, coupled with some decent “biffers” further down the order, it should be possible for them to set a challenging target, or chase down the opposition.

On the bowling front, ex-pro Stuart Barnes should be available more this season, to add some pace to the attack, supported by the skipper and the diverse bowling skills of Nizam, Roger Shaddock and Mark Cooper, as well as the other all-rounders, Messrs Walkling, Saville and Wise. The Colts section provide cricket for Under 11s and Under 13s, but the Under 15s do not have enough players this year to form a team, though the age group will be back in action next season!

If you are interested in joining Kemsing CC, please contact Club Secretary, Roger Shaddock, on



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