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It’s 1, 2, 3 for Sevenoaks under-14 girls at Kent Championships

Sevenoaks Swimming Club made a brilliant start to the final weekend of the Kent Championships with the Girls 200 Individual Medley, in the age 14 category the girls dominated the podium with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for Eva Okaro, Izabella Okaro and Martha Roberts respectively. Amelia Childs achieved bronze in the age 16 category and Genny Hunter added to her tally with a 1st place in the Multi disability category.

Next up came the boys 400 freestyle, a fantastic effort by David Allen to earn silver in the age 15 category.

Another gold medal for Eva Okaro in the 50m backstroke, with a strong swim from Lilly-Marie Derry for silver, also in the age 14 category. A very close race In the age 16 category with Amelia Childs just beating team mate Lillie Chambers to silver, a well-deserved bronze for Lilly.

With less than half a second between bronze, silver and gold in the boys 50m Butterfly, Demi Ali clinched the gold in the age 13 category.

Sisters Eva and Izabella Okaro shared the podium in the 50m freestyle, with a gold and bronze medal respectively. An amazing swim from Eva coming in almost 2 seconds ahead of 2nd place and yet another silver medal for Amelia Childs in the 16 years category.

To round off the day the boys continued to add to the Sevenoaks medals, Demi Ali with another gold for his collection in the boys 50m breatstroke 13 age group, meanwhile Sam Martin-Young and Albert Whitlock battled it out for silver and bronze in the 14 age category. Jacob Hudson secured a well-deserved silver in the age 16 category.

The final day of the Championships got underway on Sunday with an excellent 1st place for Demi Alli in the age 13 category and a 3rd place for David Allen in the age 15 category.

In the girls 400m freestyle bronze medals were deservedly awarded to Alyze Gentles in the age 13 category and Elspeth Watson in the age 15 category. Another 1st place also for Genny Hunter.

Once again the Okaro sisters made the podium with a 1st place for Eva and 3rd for Izabella in the 50m butterfly age 14 category. A great effort by Lillie Chambers to win bronze in the age 16 category.

In the boys 50m freestyle Demi Alli stormed home to win gold in the age 13 category, Jaedon Lynch achieved silver in the age 15 category and a great effort from Zachary Raymond to win bronze in the age 16 category.

The final race of the day saw an abundance of medals in the girls 50m breaststroke. Our youngest medallist Imogen Myles won silver in the 10/11 age group, in the age 14 category Eva Okaro won gold, followed by Lilly-Marie Derry in second place. Imogen Stoddart, in the age 15 category concluded the day with another silver medal for Sevenoaks.

As a result of her excellent swims, Eva Okaro also brought home five trophies. The junior trophy for 100m butterfly, both the junior and open trophy in 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle.

Head coach Keiron Piper summed up the event by saying: “Kent’s 2020 proved to be a fantastic stepping stone for the Club, reflecting already on the fantastic work all my swimmers and coaches have undertaken since the restructure in October. We’ll now use this as a platform to move forward onto even greater successes. Huge congratulations to all involved!”.

Finalists: Ruth Godfrey, Lilia Fornasier, Amelia Tovey, Fern Gray, Daisy McMillan, Maddy Glen, Jasmine Wallace, Lucas Maule, David Maule, Isla Murphy, Daisy Widdowson, Hannah Elvidge, Will Jarrett, Euan Terry, Aaron Green, Oliver Coote, George Tyler, Devon Tannock, Emma Evans-Wilson, Nathaniel Rodrigues, Millie Armstrong, Zachary Howard, Nikita Ivaniuta, Evie Armstrong, Anjola Pratt, Eleanor Allen.

Qualifiers: Thiago Gentles, Toby Burke, Caitlin O’Sullivan, Abigail Saunders, Samriddhi Das, Emily Brown, Hannah Elvidge, Maisie Chambers, Ella Wood, Rosie Deacon, Evelyn Martin, Charlotte Prideaux, Edith Norton, Aoife Lauerman, Laura Wright, Jacob Crombie, Ben Watson, Edward Holness, Cardenas Hibbert, Edison Hammond, Freddie Martin-Young, Joseph Strebel, Seamus Hamilton, Ethan Martin, Dillon Bentley, William Booth, Dominic Percy, Robert Allen, Sophia Bentley, Caitlyn Semple, Gabriella Trigueirinho, Megan Marter, Ruby Jarrett, Amelia Lodge, Laura Wright, Jonathan Vowell, Ptolemy Mangat, James Ellershaw, Noah Enticknap, Isabel Pennington-Legh, Megan Marter, Hannah Elvidge, Sarah Williams, Iris Whitlock, Caitlin Miller, Rosie Lauerman, Cleo Vanderlanh-Mckeow, Olivia Chapman, Isabel Tyler, Edward Wallace.

Medal tally:
Men: Gold 6, Silver 12, Bronze 12
Women: Gold 10, Silver 13, Bronze 21

Points Table:
Men 5th 401 points
Women 2nd 553 points
Sevenoaks Club 4th 954 points





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