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Ide Hill Football Club challenge themselves in lockdown

Grassroots sports play an important role in people’s lives. It helps bring people together and allows them to engage with their local community, develop social skills and promote a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Ide Hill Reserves proudly label themselves as a band of misfits that come together to enjoy playing the beautiful game and have fun on and off the pitch. They respect, trust and care for each other. They are a family to help each other through life’s problems and troubles. Covid-19 has changed everything.

The clubs WhatsApp activity and Instagram content had gone into overdrive and in an attempt to remain fit and stay mentally strong through the crisis they set up a running club. Their club motto; one mile at a time, my race, my pace.

Although they post weekly leader boards the emphasis is not on winning but a friendly competition to hold them a little accountable and motivate each other to stay in shape.

Organiser and Ide Hill FC Stalwart, Craig Holder said: “I am proud to say that it has been a huge success. At time of writing through the first five weeks of lockdown as a club we have run 1028.5 miles across 28 runners. From the feedback I have received people are feeling positive about their results and as a consequence staying mentally resolute.

“Many have found a comfort and enjoyment in an activity they previously dreaded, while also a realisation of the natural beauty on their door step”.
He continued: “The club was set up using Strava which is an easy to use and free to join app. It would be truly amazing to hear of other clubs and teams following suit and sharing their ideas on how they are dealing with Covid-19. Please keep us updated on your progress and follow us on Instagram: @idehillfc_reserves.

“Lastly please all stay safe during this epidemic, continue to adhere to the social distancing regulations and remember: Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”



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