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Delivering what the customer ordered…

I originally formed our company, almost 20 years ago as the Better Body Shop. This was on the premise that as a client you should be able to choose and purchase your physical improvements in the same way that you would buying physical goods in the shop. Moreover, it is then up to us as a company to provide the resources required to work with you and deliver exactly what you have ordered (with the few exceptions of wanting to look like Brad Pitt or be six inches taller). I still firmly believe this way of thinking, which is why we continue to personalise our approach to each client’s fitness, nutrition and training programmes. We are continually developing our specialist team and departments, to ensure that you achieve the physical improvements that you have ordered at the outset.

At The Better Body Group we believe:

• there is very rarely a time when one size fit all
• the strongest foundation derives from taking time to listen to our clients and define key objectives/goals.
• giving clients the space and time to express themselves

Whilst there are set products available, our goal is to build you a solution that fits in with your availability, budget and starting level. Personalised training isn’t just about the training, it is as much about the time we spend getting to know you before you even set foot in the gym area.

At Better Body, we also understand that people and lifestyles change and so we hold flexibility and adaptability at the forefront of our values. Clients will always be invited initially to sit down and talk to one of our most experienced team members, whose job is to match clients with the most appropriate trainer or trainers to suit their needs.

I will give away a little secret here, as much as the initial chat is about finding out about your physical and aspirational needs, it is also about getting to know your personality which we will also use to create the perfect match between client and trainer. Whilst all of our trainers are ‘people people’, we believe this two-dimensional matching process will truly allow you to thrive and enjoy your training experience.

We take a holistic approach in providing an inclusive experience that helps clients tackle their challenges. We provide consultation to establish client needs, the correct training plan and the best suited trainer to help clients along the way. Our multi-disciplined team all work in close conjunction, meaning that clients may be offered multiple trainers depending on the session, in-line with our teams’ specialist areas.

In terms of our trainers, The Better Body Group have the level of skill depth to aid clients safely towards a long-term fitness goal. In the background we have a team of over 30 graduate and post graduate trainers divided into 7 areas of expertise all working closely together under the watchful eye of our senior trainers who have up to 30 years’ experience.

With our collaborating style and highly skilled team, clients feel confident and trust that they are going to receive personalised training regardless of your age, weight or medical condition. We make sure that your training is designed to fit your needs which sets us apart from other gym and lifestyle groups. Scientifically assessing clients, gives them the opportunity to not only see where they are now but to have confidence that they will be able to see the improvements made and achieve their goals in the correct, safe way. Furthermore, empowering our clients by building their fitness confidence, competence and comfort within the gym environment at their own pace with someone they trust by their side at all times.

Jason Crow is the Managing Director and founder of the Better Body Group. He has been involved in the health and fitness industry for more than 25 years and has over 20,000 hours of experience as a personal trainer on both sides of the Atlantic. To find out more about the Better Body Group please visit



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