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Chelsea Pensioners visit Sevenoaks Indoor Bowls Club for friendly game

The Chelsea Pensioners paid a snowy visit to Sevenoaks Indoor Bowls Club on March 8th for a friendly match, which is one of only a handful that the group take part in.

Not being particularly proficient at indoor bowls, the Pensioners main aim is to represent the veteran community and to make friends, and this they certainly did. However, the bowling is taken seriously as they brought along two bowls coaches from Essex who regularly instruct them.

The Sevenoaks Mayor, Councillor Rachael Parry and her Consort, Councillor Richard Parry, arrived during the afternoon to watch the bowls match, which ended comfortably in favour of Sevenoaks, although the result was incidental, the fun and friendship was more important.

After the game, both teams and guests enjoyed a two-course meal, giving the Chelsea Pensioners an opportunity to explain more about the wonderful life they lead at The Royal Hospital.

“We’ve been looking forward to this match for a long time, and it is a privilege to meet you all.” Said Brenda Bennett, Sevenoaks IBC Chairman. Captain Pat Callaghan, on behalf of the Chelsea Pensioners expressed his appreciation of the hospitality extended by the Sevenoaks club and added: “This has been a very useful opportunity to have a practice game of indoor bowls as eight of us here today are off to Potters in Norfolk next week for a bowls holiday”.

After a few more photos, and fond goodbyes, the Sevenoaks members waved off their illustrious visitors at the end of an inspirational day.



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