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Can you help locate missing Cricket club trophies?

Two weeks ago, Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club had their Commemorative Cup (pictured) returned to them completely out of the blue after it had been missing for 13 years. The Vine Club Chairman, Andy Richardson, is now asking the question: “Where are all our other trophies?”.

The full details of the Commemorative Cup’s return, which was donated by Gordon Emery in 1985, is not entirely clear, but the club wished to thank those responsible for returning it to its rightful home.

The club, who are currently celebrating their 285th year, are now asking the public and most importantly, past members, if they know the whereabouts of other Sevenoaks Vine trophies, and if they do, there will be a no questions asked return policy.

The Sevenoaks Vine Commemorative Cup, which was returned to the club after 13 years.

Over the decades, many sports clubs like Sevenoaks Vine hand out end of season trophies to players and volunteers who have either outperformed or have set a shining example to other club members. They are normally presented along with a separate trophy, which the winner gets to keep forever.

The problem is that sometimes the original trophies aren’t returned the following year for the next seasons winners, thereby creating an unnecessary headache for the clubs. Do they purchase a brand new trophy, or in most cases, do not award the trophy until it is returned.

Some trophies may have been permanently lost or damaged, whilst others fall victim to simply being put in a box and moved to the attic or worst, New Zealand. 

Can you help?
Anyone with any information relating to the whereabouts of the missing trophies, or any other memorabilia of relevance to Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club, are encouraged to contact the club via email at



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