Print advertising

Magazines are the UK’s most trusted news source!
Latest Ofcom reports confirm that magazines are the strongest rated media vehicle, with 80% rating it for trustworthiness over that of just 39% for social media. Magazines also came out top in all other areas including high quality of product, impartiality, accuracy and most importantly it is the vehicle that helps people to make decisions.

Context is paramount
Print advertising provides unique strengths and assets and is vastly more effective for providing a safe and positive environment for brand building and awareness.

One of the great advantages of magazine advertising is that brands can amplify their message via clever contextual placement. Print obviously packs a punch when it comes to capturing consumers’ undivided attention, and this appetite for magazine content presents a unique opportunity to maximise the impact of your campaign message. Aligning an advert with what’s happening on the rest of the page can make for a clever, compelling campaign.

Emotion is key to decision-making
Print publications that consistently offer readers high-quality, reliable content develop credibility, and advertisers can easily leverage this credibility.

Known as the “halo effect,” brands who place adverts in respected print publications, such as West Kent Sport & Wellbeing, receive the same positive feelings from readers that are associated with the publication itself. This means your adverts can be seen as completely trustworthy, which makes generating leads and sales much easier.

The long-lasting nature of magazines also guarantees your campaign a longer ‘life’. Magazines are read and re-read, ensuring that your campaign can still be generating exposure for your brand weeks – or even months – further down the line.

Why advertise with West Kent Sport & Wellbeing magazine?
12-months a year West Kent Sport & Wellbeing magazine publishes numerous articles on local sports clubs, individuals, societies, charities and schools within the districts of Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, all of which have their own vast, loyal and passionate followers.

The nature of West Kent Sport & Wellbeing magazine, which celebrates all their success stories, means an incredible 73% of our readers choose to keep their copy of the magazine indefinitely.

With many participants having extensive networks, including coaches, colleagues, family and friends, this increases the chance of your brand being seen multiple times by multiple readers, maximising exposure, shelf life and value for money for your advertising.

West Kent Sport & Wellbeing magazine offers high-impact long lasting visual coverage of your brand in front of a relevant, engaged and local readership. Our loyal readers pick up the magazine every issue, month after month, creating an opportunity for repeated exposure, recognition and a consumer bond with your brand.

Well known for our trusted and quality content and our huge community engagement and relationships, West Kent Sport & Wellbeing generates feelings of belonging within the local community. By advertising in West Kent Sport & Wellbeing magazine, you can become a part of this bond and strong relationship with our readers – your consumers.

So, whether your aim is; increasing sales, to improve brand awareness or simply to show your connection with your community, West Kent Sport & Wellbeing is the solution for all your advertising needs.

Our rate card for 2022 (correct as of 01/10/22)

For more information regarding advertising with West Kent Sport & Wellbeing magazine please contact the team by email at Alternatively, contact us through our social media platforms @WestKentSport.

Sources: Census 2011 Office for National Statistics & Department for Work & Pensions; Sport England Active Lives Survey 2017/18; Sevenoaks District 2017 Local HNS; Sevenoaks Sport & Wellbeing independent market research December 2018.