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Too fat, old, tired and poor to get fit?

Hands up who’s sticking to their new year’s resolutions? As we head into February, sadly most of us have started dropping in a few excuses as our resolve begins to fade. As I head into my 13th New Year running a personal training business it’s safe to say I’ve heard them all.

Here’s the top seven excuses you can stop telling yourself right now.

  1. I haven’t got time
    I hear this every…single… day. We are bombarded by so much noise in our busy lives, all of which is competing for our attention. With so much time devoted to Work, family, friends, TV, Travel, email, Instagram etc. I’m not surprised some people fall into the trap of thinking they have no time to train. But let’s get something straight. This is all rubbish. One thing is certain, if you do not devote any time to looking after yourself now, you will sacrifice a hell of a lot more time later in life!
    What’s more, when you train regularly you will improve almost every aspect of your life. The increased energy, concentration, productivity, sense of wellbeing and not to mention lack of illness and sick days, will free up bundles more time than you ever thought possible.
  2. I’m too old
    Nope. Not true. In fact, the older you get the MORE important exercise becomes. Ever heard of the saying ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’. The same thing applies to your body, especially you muscle mass.
    As the human body ages we suffer from a fairly constant physical decline. I’m sure we can all agree that everything felt a lot easier when we were in our 20’s. Without regular exercise, those over 50 years of age are susceptible to a range of health problems including high blood pressure, reduced bone mineral density and increased risk of strokes and cardiovascular disease.
    It is never too late to start getting active, regardless of your age. We have dozens of individual clients in their 80’s training at the gym on a regular basis and they are in great shape. So drop the age card please.
  3. I need to lose weight before I start at a gym
    You really don’t. Surprisingly common this one. I get it, the idea of walking into a gym full of ripped guys lifting weights and super slim Victoria secret models chatting away on the cross trainers can seem nightmarish to some. Even more so if you are considerably overweight. To be honest this is one of the reasons we started BBG. That exclusive, cliquey type environment, where people are more concerned with how their outfits look rather than their training is all a bit embarrassing if you ask me.
    The key here is to find yourself a gym (like ours) where everyone is welcome. Gyms with a very high percentage of staff relative to members is your best bet. Trust me, everyone is far too busy going through their own battles to be watching what you are up to!
    If you are struggling with your weight, it’s likely that you need some help. Don’t go it alone. Walk into the gym with your head held high and get it done!
    You are always welcome here no matter where you are starting from…fact.
  4. I’m already slim so I don’t need to train
    Don’t be fooled by the fact that you are not carrying a lot of body fat. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are fit and healthy. A common misconception is that a low level of visible fat (subcutaneous fat) means you are in good shape.
    There is a more sinister type of fat that could still drastically effect your health. Visceral fat, is stored in the abdominal cavity around a number of vital organs and as a result can go unnoticed until it is too late.
    Often referred to as ‘Active fat’, it interferes with many of the organs vital functions and in doing so is far more dangerous than the fat we can see poking out over our jeans.
    If you are one of the lucky ones who stores very little subcutaneous fat, can eat whatever you want and do no exercise, it is likely that your visceral fat levels are gradually creeping up.
    Start doing something about it now before your risk of chronic illness disease goes through the roof.
  5. I’ve tried everything and I still can’t get in shape
    You haven’t. There is no one in the history of the word that hasn’t lost body fat when creating a calorie deficit over time.
    If you consistently burn off more calories than you consume, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to lose body fat.
    The fact is, every successful diet plan, nutrition book, before and after photo, and incredible transformation all have one thing in common; they are a result of a calorie deficit.
    A small number of cases can be effected by gut health, thyroid issue, genetics etc. but the simple truth is, even those people will lose fat when creating this deficit over time.
    Find a way to eat less than you burn off and you will 100% lose fat.
  6. I can’t afford it
    Training on the regs can certainly add up cost wise, but no one is saying you have to be personal training 6 days a week. There are tons of things you can do for free to supplement your training. Even a simple walk and some body weight exercises like squats and press ups will help get you started.
    It is certainly worth remembering however, that when it comes to an investment, your wellbeing should be right at the top of your list. If you get a good personal trainer, they can teach you some amazing health management habits that will last a life time.
  7. I have the kids with me all of the time
    Then get them involved. What could be a better way to spend time with your kids than training with them. Every weekend we have loads of families take part in PT sessions together. A great way to encourage healthy habits, bond with your kids and get in a good workout.
    Do not underestimate how important your habits are in the eyes of your children. It is no coincidence that children with two obese parents are 600% more likely (you read that right!) to become obese adults. If you stress the importance of nutrition and exercise now, they will be far more likely to do the same throughout their adulthood.

To sum up…
I know this sounds like a full on rant but it’s not meant to be. I’ve being doing this for long enough to know that everyone has their reasons for avoiding training but trust me when I say; looking after yourself is not a luxury reserved for those with time, money and age on their side, it is a necessity to everyone that wants to live a long, successful and happy life. And I mean everyone!

Getting in great shape isn’t easy. It’s pretty simple, but not easy! Just like anything that’s worth having, it’s hard work along the way. The more practice you get, the better you become. Technique, form, consistency, progression, knowledge all come to you as you become ‘better’ at managing your health.

You have to keep moving forward. Searching for perfection can often slow you down. Your nutrition choices and workouts wont always be perfect, don’t let that perturb you…just keep chipping away!



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