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Tom’s training leads to victory in Melbourne

Continuing his exclusive column for Sevenoaks Sport & Wellbeing magazine, Kemsing’s very own world record holder and Olympic athlete, Tom Bosworth, joins us once again to talk about his road to Tokyo 2020.

“Firstly, I hope you all had a great Christmas and have settled into the new year with some, realistic, New Years resolutions.

If I set myself any, I tend to try and start them before New Year, that way it’s already embedded in as part of my daily routine. I’ve always promised myself to be more punctual, but as I’m currently writing this on the final day for submitting, I clearly have some work to do on that one.

I left you last time mid way through what turned out to be a very successful training camp in Australia. I spend most the year either in hot climates or at altitude (up mountains). This was a great start to my winter training for the Olympic season and on the final day me and Christopher Linke decided to head to Melbourne to race.

Chris took on the 50k race and I took on the 20k, because I’m not stupid enough to do a 50k! We both planned on using it for training, but feeling good, I took the lead at 5k and controlled the pace for the rest of the race and took the victory. I didn’t expect to be in such good shape so quickly, but heat training works very well for me and I know my body adapts quickly.

I’ve since headed home to Harry and my wonderful Dog Jess, an 18-month old black Labrador, she is pretty much my best friend. I’m about to spend Christmas with my family back in my little village I called home for 19 years, Kemsing.

I’ve always prioritised the festive period as one for the family. I couldn’t do what some athletes do and train away from home through Christmas. I find a little break from routine back at home is great for the clearing the head before the pressure of the new season looms. After all, a happy athlete is often a successful one. I think that’s key for any walk of life. If you’re able to be happy and focused on what’s important for you personally, then you’re much stronger and able to cope with what life throws at you.

For me, I faced one of the toughest times where I’d lost focus on what was important, after the very public disqualification whilst leading the 20k race at the London World Championships. It through me into a state where I didn’t care, for anyone around me, for my training or for my own life. It took me to the brink of suicide and after pushing away my family and my fiancé Harry, I finally asked for help from British Athletics.

Twelve months later and after a lot of support from many places I am lucky to say I am the happiest and healthiest and more driven than ever before. I now have right priorities, however, which doesn’t mean my own personal and private life has to suffer to make sure I get the most out of myself as an athlete.

That brings you up to date, I’ve put another big training block together pre Christmas, around 300 kilometres since getting back from Australia. The last six weeks of training has gone almost perfectly and has left me exactly where I want to be before the next block of training and able to enjoy Christmas and prioritise spending time with family and friends before the chaos of the Olympic season begins.

As always, please feel free to get in touch, ask any questions, or simply to enquire about school or work place visits.

Also, if you’re interested in becoming part of my team as a sponsor please do not hesitate to get in contact. Income as an athlete is never regular so any support is always very welcome, especially from local companies.
You can contact me at or through my new website at

You can keep up with my day to day goings on through my social media channels, I can be found @TomBosworth on most platforms. Until next time, I wish you all a Happy New Year.”



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