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Tom relaxes during lock-down and discovers white wine!

April, races in Slovakia and Portugal along with a tough altitude training camp in St Moritz (Switzerland) prior to the race-walking World Cup in Minsk was what my season had in store.

It did not really go to plan; I cannot imagine your April did either? Instead I have spent the last four weeks being slightly more “normal” from the confides of my own home.

The 2020 athletics season ended just as quickly as it began. All major races cancelled or postponed to next year and travelling to altitude venues put on hold. Athletes now are just biding their time, trying to stay as fit as possible, so we can be ready to go as soon as racing and competing is possible again.

My April started badly as my fiancé who stayed in work fell ill. As a special needs teacher the children require special care during this period along with the children of key workers also needing care. Whether it was Covid-19 or not we were not sure, but three weeks of sickness, loss of taste and smell, aching joints and headaches we were fairly sure he got the virus before the lock-down began. Thankfully, he is back fit and healthy and back in work after almost five weeks.

So I decided to take a couple of weeks off from any training to stay healthy myself and care for Harry.

The news did not get much better as a couple of emails came in from companies, and a number of athlete appearances cancelled meaning my income has completely disappeared.

However, not letting this get me down, Harry and I spent many hours doing parts of the garden, getting it ready for a time when we can have the family over for a garden party.

Harry and Tom spent many hours doing parts of the garden, getting it ready for a time when they can have the family over for a party.

I also found a new love for white wine! I will probably have to give that back up in a few weeks’ time, but for now I will take this time to enjoy myself.

I am fortunate I can go training from the door, so I have maintained that and made some very small plans for training camps towards the end of the year which has kept me motivated. If you are struggling for ideas or there is nowhere to run from your house, going for an hour’s walk is just as good exercise and great for your mental health.

Use your environment at home, there are plenty of fun online fitness videos popping up, you will feel better for doing it and do not have to worry about anyone watching you, after all you will be in your own home.
Get the kids or your housemates involved, whoever you live with, or if you’re n your own, just get active, balance on one leg whilst doing the washing up, hop around the garden, dance around the lounge to your favourite album, just stay active during this tough time.

I have started training again, struggling with the old back injury from last year, after a couple of weeks of rest has meant it has been a bit of a struggle. Understandably we cannot access any medical treatment so it has been tricky managing the old injury. Thankfully time is on our side and there is no rush to get back to any competitions any time soon.

Weekly quizzes on FaceTime with my friends have been great, as well as group calls with my family which have kept us all in touch with each other. I reckon I have spoken to my friends and family more in the last month than I would have if life were what it was a couple of months ago.

I hope you’re safe and well in your homes, I’m trying to keep in contact with any friends or fans on my social media so feel free to give me a message on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, I’m on there as @TomBosworth or
drop me an email, any questions or enquiries and I’ll get right back to you.

Stay safe, look after yourselves and hopefully the next time I
will have slightly more exciting things to talk about!



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