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Tom prepares his mind for Tokyo 2021

Each month, Olympian and Team GB athlete, Tom Bosworth writes exclusively for Sevenoaks Sport & Wellbeing about his road to Tokyo 2021.

“The Olympics are once again less than a year away! What they’ll look like and how they’ll go ahead is up for debate but I believe they’ll happen, with a lot of masks and a lot less fans.

My event, 20km Walk, will happen on the streets and so naturally may get a large turnout of spectators, plus the Japanese are very successful and it’s a very popular event so I’m hoping for a good atmosphere.

Right now my focus has dwindled for training right now. I’m now concentrating on having a little rest, and starting autumn training as usual, with the renewed motivation that, again, I’m going all out for the Olympic Games. My aim will be to be back setting British records again in the spring and hopefully summer, next year, as I was in March this year.

This last month I’ve really struggled for motivation. I’m not sure what really happened but it’s got to the point in the summer where I’d be close to the end of my season, usually just the major championships, Worlds, Europeans, Commonwealth, Olympic Games would be left before a period of rest and recovery.

Having no major champs has left me lacking the focus and motivation to finish August off. Clearly a mental test is required more than a physical.
Mentality, when dealing with training twice a day, eating right, sleeping well and recovering correctly, takes such discipline and I’ve done that for the best part of 12 years. When there’s no big goal it’s hard to focus. I can’t start Tokyo training yet – it’s still too far out. Train hard constantly for too long and you will either burn out mentally, or end up injured and racing badly. Peaking, in sport is very hard to get right, but ever so easy to get horribly wrong.

I’ve had time back with my parents! For the first time since January. Me and Harry visited them at the start of August.

We’ve had mini holidays in the uk – as we haven’t tried to brave international travel yet. We spent a weekend in Chester with friends and a fun day in Blackpool with my niece and nephew.

I had originally planned to take some time off after the Games, but that won’t be happening now for likely two more years what with a busy couple of seasons ahead with many races moved due to Covid-19. Thankfully I’ve had plenty of time with Harry and the dog through lockdown and now enjoying seeing friends and family, from a safe distance!

I’ve watched some athletics – live! I visited Bromley track in Norman Park to cheer on a friend of mine. It was a closed competition with plenty of social distancing. A fantastic event for those athletes wishing to race. It was brilliant to be back watching sport!

I’m excited to write next months edition, as I will have started winter training. I may even be away on a training camp (I’m not holding my breath on this) and more certain plans may be in place as I enter the first stage of training for the Olympics.

If you or your children are heading back to school, good luck, remind each other of what we do have, and that’s each other. We are fortunate to have what we do, and a safe education is paramount in all our upbringings.

As ever do get in touch with any sporting topics or questions you may have. Visit my website www.tombosworth.com or get in touch via social media. I can be found on most @TomBosworth.

Till next month, wish you all the best and I hope your autumn is a safe and successful one as life returns to a new normal.”



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