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Swanley is levelling up the playing fields

In late November, a team of councillors including the District’s Commissioner of the Public Realm, Cllr Roddy Hogarth, and Swanley Town Council’s Parks and Open Spaces Director, Ryan Hayman, recently met with the skate park community at the Recreation Ground in Swanley to discuss how the Town Council can support them.

The group had a number of ideas which could be implemented in the short-term as well as some longer-term aspirations.

Hayman commented: “The community have been tasked with the objective of coming up with proposed designs which could be potentially used for a future new skate park. However, they are aware that to obtain the relevant funding they would need to work closely together. The skating group are also designing artwork proposals for repainting the current skate park.
“This will help give a sense of ownership to the community and ensure it looks revitalised for the next few year, while we work towards a new skate park. Sevenoaks District Council have offered their time and connections to help fund the final design and painting of the park.”

Parks for all
Swanley Town Council is levelling up on its sporting provisions with extra pitches being marked up on previously underutilised Town Council land and a new full-sized youth pitch has been created on the land directly opposite The Olympic, which will become the home of Swanley Rangers FC.

Ryan Hayman added: “In addition, a new mini pitch has been marked out at the Recreation Ground on the land adjacent to the Clocktower Pavilion. This pitch will home Swanley FC and has already proven extremely popular. These extra pitches have reduced the dependency on our two regular full-sized football pitches at the Recreation Ground.

“This provides us with the opportunity to turn the pitch nearest to the Civic Centre into a full-sized rugby pitch and means Swanley RFU can once again play in Swanley.”



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