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Sevenoaks Amateur Boxing Club host first show of 2022

Sevenoaks Amateur Boxing Club (SABC) held their first show of 2022 at Trinity School in Sevenoaks, and with 10 boxers picked, it goes to show the depth of talent currently within the club.

With all shows their is always going to be the adulation of winning and sadness of learning, the club never have losers. SABC’s co owner and Head Coach, Andy Knight said: “No one can really describe the heart and discipline needed to get in that ring and put your body in harms way while trying to remain calm, focused and aware but everyone was truly up to the task and more.”

Handing out trophies for the club on the day was Lewis Syrett, who had 50 amateur bouts for the club and 10 professional bouts including winning the Southern Area Middleweight title under the guidance of Andy.

Andy added: “From young Jasper who made a debut to dream of by forcing a stoppage to the soon to be retiring Dan de la Cruz who finished the show did us proud but not with the win he so wanted and worked for.

“In between we had Alby Butt who won again and is just getting better and better, Alfie Brown who also made his debut with an dominant win. Bouts continued. In quick succession and Vinnie came in next again making his debut for us and again outclassing his opponent to gain another win. James Lock finally got his first bout and against a strong, raw opponent lost out in a split decision after giving his all but much more is expected of him.

“Tom .. was next but sadly lost his first bout and now knows what it takes so will expect a win from him soon and finally we had young Dan in for his second bout and a braver second you won’t see. Lost it on a split but after his win a couple of weeks back he will soon be back with his hand being raised again.”

A great day indeed and a great future instore for their boxers and with the experience of Andy and Paul and the help, guidance and passion of all the trainers behind them, great things are expected.



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