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Sevenoaks ABC celebrates start of the season with three wins at Hoxley

Three very talented boxers from Sevenoaks Amateur Boxing Club (SABC) showed great boxing skills at the Hoxley open show in Essex on Saturday 12th October. SABC walked away with three wins, a fantastic start for the 2019/20 boxing season and the perfect confidence boost for the club ahead of their annual dinner show held at Walthamstow School this Saturday, where their will be another chance for the Sevenoaks boxers to show off their skills. 

Byson (aged 14) was first up for SABC; he won by unanimous decision from the judges. Andy Knight, Head Coach of SABC said: “Byson showed off his incredible skills against a home boxer by switch hitting from orthodox to south paw. His lean back rear hand was his strength.  This is a real confidence booster for this talented young boxer”.

Second to fight was the clubs only carded female boxer, Francesca Hennessy (aged 14). Showing great boxing skills she also won by unanimous decision. Knight commented: “Following in her brothers footsteps (Michael Hennessy Jr.), Francesca showed pure class again against a home fighter using her beautiful rear hand lead hook which led her to win against a determined young female boxer”.

Last bout had 30 year old Jamie Gray who had a hard fight against an elite boxer from Halstead in Essex. Jamie received two bad cuts in the first round but continued like a champion and won by a split decision. He now has over 20 bouts under his belt. Knight said of Gray: “Having his first amateur bout for SABC we didn’t just give him an easy warm up fight. We tested his limits and he came out victorious wins against an elite boxer. We keep our fingers crossed his cuts have heals in time for the SABC Dinner show”. 

Boxing is not just about competition for wins and trophies. The gym encourages youngsters at all levels to come along and give the sport a go! Every Monday and Wednesday the gym opens up for juniors and seniors.

Paul Lynch, Head Coach, added: “Not everyone who comes to the gym needs to compete. Boxing is a great sport for fitness and it also helps build confidence and self esteem. It’s fantastic watching the kids and adults alike to grow and develop. I’ve seen all ages come to us lacking confidence go on to compete”.

The club is also on the move and relocating to Riverhead in Sevenoaks in December this year, so watch this space!



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